Exciting times, wouldn't you say? I'm talking history books in the making! I've followed the blazing hot topics #StopSOPA and all related #SOPA and #PIPA tweets since midnight EST and it's been building up such incredible momentum. The more I read about these two Acts, the more intrigued I've become which means I start digging and researching even more.

So, before I pass out in front of my laptop, here are a couple of take-aways that caught my attention so far:

Who among the tech giants has taken a stand?

The Bold: Craigslist



The Bolder: Wikipedia



The Modest: Google



The Witty: Wired.com





And which haven't taken a stand?

The sad chirp, chirp: TWITTER



(Trying to figure out a way to stop feeding that blue bird, but it's almost impossible).

What's worse is Twitter CEO Dick Costolo's response, calling Wikipedia's plans to pull the plug on its website "foolish" and "silly". Read the article: http://gu.com/p/34ma3/tw

Others trying to stay below the radar?

Yahoo! and Microsoft

This is particularly interesting seeing that Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang resigned less than a day ago. Wonder if it has anything to do with Yahoo & Microsoft (wishy washy) position on SOPA/PIPA and big money and greed making room (stocks went up after his resignation). Hmm...

The corporations lobbying for SOPA know exactly what they want: control of online information for profit (greed or control) according to The Guardian:

Because they don't dare make an honest argument. If they were saying what they believe, it would go roughly this way: "The internet threatens our longstanding control of information and communications, and that is simply unacceptable. Therefore, it is essential to curb the utility of the internet for everyone else."

This short but powerful article blew my mind with possibilities of a very likely reality we may soon experience:

Developers and hackers have rebelled against the legislation with various tactics, including future-proofing

browser extensions that bypass (thus far non-existent) SOPA blocks

. The latest ammunition provided by devs is a

Chrome extension

called No SOPA. Its function is simple: to notify you when you’re browsing a site of a SOPA supporter.


For more info:






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