Creativity can solve anything.

As I sit here watching Art & Copy for the umpteenth time, I can't help but use the film's message to evaluate the design world that surrounds me. The (ahem) "buzzwords" user experience, customer experience and service experience design are fiery hot in the creative industry and rightfully so. Long are the days when customers had to adapt to our ideals; these disciplines are key elements of any successful project, product or service. However, on a personal note, I keep sensing that there's a big fat line splitting advertising artists and user-experience designers. I'm just going to call it like it is: UX (and UI designers by extension) are kinda viewed as more technical whilst the rest of the artists and designers have more of the passion for bringing big ideas to life and connecting with an audience. Creative passion moves people. It can never be automated. Who knows? Maybe one day UX design is taken over by some automated software. Bootstrap UI already allows you to build prototypes with minimal effort. Maybe UX designers are simply gathering the data points into frameworks that will be used to automate all of those processes in the future. Anything is possible.

So the question still stands...where am I in relation to all of this? While being immersed in UX processes is enlightening and stimulating because I seriously enjoy solving problems, creating customer solutions, being a customer's advocate, and making someone's experience better and memorable in a positive way, there's still something missing at the end of the day in many of the projects Where do iconic phrases (Think Different) come to live? Where do iconic images, "copy & space" and that electrifying, titillating moment come to play? Well, it's in UI design to a degree; it's just very, very subtle. Subtle is not where I want my work to end. That's why I can't help but incorporate advertising campaign thinking into my work, particularly when branding, or when storytelling or when pitching new work.

I want to be part of that big idea, that memorable thing, whatever form it should take. It's probably because I was born with that creative spark and I want to make a mark, won't be satisfied with anything less than extraordinary.

Re: Art & Copy, I give it 5-stars on Netflix and recommend it to every artist who's starving for the right medium to pour over their creative brilliance. It'll hold you up until you're in the right place doing what you love with folks who love it just like you. Good luck to us all! Risk it all, never give up and never settle for less.

Peace out! ;-P