Wakeskating Trick

What's wakeskating? In short, it's skateboarding on water. Wikipedia defines it in part as a water sport and an adaptation of wakeboarding that employs a similar design of board. But unlike wakeboarding, the wakeskater is not bound to the board in any way. So how do you stay on the board, you ask. Similar to a skateboard, the top of the board (wakeskate) is covered with griptape and the rider usually wears wakeskating or skateboarding shoes in order to grip the board and perform tricks. The rider wakeskates behind a jet ski, boat, cable system, or winch at speeds of 20-25 mph.  I wish I had this snippet to pass out to everyone who looks at me in bewilderment every time I mention how much I love wakeskating, specially folks in the San Francisco area.

The mecca is still Orlando, Florida, the town I moved from not too long ago...(sniff, sniff). If there's anything I miss from that city it's the wakeskating fever that permeates its many lakes year-round. These pictures and videos will show you what this sport is all about. If you plan a trip out to the East coast and you're into extreme sports on a budget, I would recommend you make a stop at OWC or any lake that favors the most sought-after wakeskating butter.  :D

Learn basic wakeskating tricks through videos >

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